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Hi, I'm Dale Atchison, your host and proprietor.  I thought when I moved to Clearwater, FL in 2000 that I would mainly be replacing failed PC hardware.  While I occasionally get to replace a network card, power supply, cooling fan, hard drive, memory stick, even the occasional modem, the bulk of my work seems to be correcting my clients' shall we say, 'adjustments'? to the way their computers work.

I've assembled a suite of programs I install on all my clients' computers, and it's pretty much put me out of business the computers now stop the users and point out the error(s) they're about to commit, and in most cases they cease and desist, so my services aren't needed.  (I didn't write the programs, I just assembled them from the various online authors I trust.)  All the programs are free for all end users most are even free for businesses and are available via my Download page:

Please feel free to email me for guidance on any computer-related subject.  If I don't know the answer, I'll steal someone else's solution, paraphrase it into language the average user can understand, and pretend I figured it out all by myself.  I'm still hoping I'll eventually find a newspaper or magazine that will pay me to write a Q & A column; if I do, your question and my answer will probably end up there, also.

But I have a favor to ask in return:  if you ask for my help, and I send you a reply (and so far, I've replied to every request), please write back one last time and tell me if my instructions or suggestions fixed your problem.  I truly believe I've given everyone who wrote me the correct and appropriate advice, but if I'm wrong on any part of it, I'd appreciate knowing it BEFORE I publish my mistakes for the world to see.  I got a 'rep' to maintain, you know.  Fair enough?

Speaking of publishing, I edited a computer club newsletter for a couple of years.  Now that I've given that up, I've created an archive of my old columns, articles, and miscellaneous ramblings, and posted it here:

I'll be adding new columns and articles as time permits.  So check back once in a while; as I find new programs and discover new tricks, I'll share them here.

DaLe aTchiSon

* Note #1:  My cell phone carrier is MetroPCS; you must dial the 727 area code, even if you're local, or the call won't go through.

* Note #2:  With all the ransomware attacks in the news lately, regular backups are more inportant than ever.  If you need help setting them up, call to make a service call appointment, or email for free help.

* Note #3:  I took my Social Security early.  Until further notice, I don't work for money for myself; all checks are made out to a dog rescue in Brooksville, FL.  I get to do what I love, the dogs appreciate the help, and I don't have any income to report.

* Note #3a:  Thanks to the new tax law, I can no longer deduct my charity mileage; so, I'm forced to ask for $2 a mile from my door to you, in cash, as reported by Google Maps, to cover my expenses... and that's whether I can fix your problem(s), or not.  I don't mind working for nothing to collect for charity, but I draw the line at paying for the privilege.



My advice is offered at no cost, so I can assume no liability.  Whatever you do to your computer, whether you're following my explicit instructions to the letter, or 'trying a slight variation', is at your own risk.  I've tested every suggestion I make several times before sharing it even though I don't know you, I wouldn't take chances with your stuff.  If you're unsure of your ability to type commands verbatim and follow the on-screen prompts, please call or write, and we'll arrange to have you ship the computer to me for repair, at my usual low rates.  Or, if there's a decent computer club nearby, you might want to show them your question and my answer, and see if they'll apply my suggested fixes for you.

And this should go without saying, but let's be quite thorough:  all emails sent to me for free advice become my property, to do with as I please.  I'll protect the anonymity of all who write me for help, but I tell you up front that I will publish the question and answer if I get the chance, and I won't be able to pay royalties to the people who asked the questions.  They get free computer help, and hopefully I can make a buck down the road because of it.

Sounds fair to me...

100% of your labor charges go to this rescue.

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